We partner with workplaces like yours to develop a culture and practices that support resilience and performance. We tailor our workplace wellbeing and resilience solutions to each client’s needs. It’s how we support workplaces in empowering their employees to reach new heights.

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  • Wellness program (activity, nutrition, sleep) across Australia and New Zealand for 320 employees
  • Team-based workplace resilience and wellbeing training for the management group and their teams
  • Leadership team strategy facilitation
  • Vision and values facilitation and change program
  • Management team change facilitation workshops
  • Management team change journey facilitation and conferences
  • Executive coaching
  • Mentoring programs
  • Executive Coaching
  • Team development workshops and coaching
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  • Emerging Leaders program
  • Executive coaching
  • Wellbeing development cross-agency facilitation and consultation
  • Author wellbeing language and definitions guide
  • Facilitation of wellbeing expert measurement and evaluation workshops
  • Mental Wellbeing Impact Assessment co-facilitation with the Department of Education
  • Facilitation of the founding steering group for the Wellbeing Collaborative to develop the NSW cross-agency wellbeing charter, strategic intent and implementation of the 3-year action plan
  • Workplace resilience program pilot project for a best practice wellbeing toolkit
  • Mental Wellbeing Impact Assessment training for employee facilitators
  • Facilitator for the Results Based Accountability (RBA) framework for establishing wellbeing projects
  • Culture, change and resilience training
  • Mental Health First Aid training