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There is a frog sitting in a pot of water. The water is gradually heating up. Instead of jumping out of the pot as the water boils, the frog stays put. Eventually it boils to death.

This is our workplace today. We are stressed. We are tired. We are resentful. We are unhappy. But like the frog we’re not seeing it. The heat is insidious – it creeps up on us slowly, seeping into our pores – making us sweat.

As the pressure builds in our organisations, we are called to do more with less. As the heat increases we look for things to blame. We feel overwhelmed, incapable, and fearful of letting people down. Before we know it we’re surrounded by a bunch of frogs boiling in the pot.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We teach people how to leapfrog themselves out of the pot and into a better place. We do this by changing the paradigm. We shine the light on the boiling pot of frogs. Using a systems approach we uncover for organisations what’s really going on in their workplace. We show companies how to simplify processes and improve communication to create a tranquil lake where people thrive. We do this by creating an environment of abundance where we work at multiple levels – individual, team and organisation – to leverage existing strengths and facilitate small, evolutionary changes that deliver a big impact.

We see a world where the workplace ceases to be a boiling pot and becomes a thriving lake, where we are free to innovate, achieve, and do meaningful work that makes a real difference to the business.

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