Ever wondered why some people cope better with stressful situations? Sure, sometimes it’s just their personality. But often it comes down to their resilience. And the great news is that this is something you can develop.

Why resilience can be your biggest strength

You can’t always control the obstacles in your path. But you can choose how you react to them. That’s where your resilience comes in and it’s made up of three key aspects:

  • Coping in the moment
  • Bouncing back from adversity
  • Building your energy reserves to draw on.

You may think your resilience is low because you get burnt out. But actually, you might be great in moments of high stress when others would crumble. Or vice versa. That’s because you can be naturally stronger in one area of resilience than another.

Yet you can boost each of these aspects by learning and using resilience skills and strategies. When you increase your overall resilience, it’s easier to continue doing your best under pressure and maintain a balanced approach to life.

Resilience strategies help you stay calm under pressure

There a number of strategies to improve your resilience, and you can draw on them during different times in your life. Here’s an example of some simple resilience strategies:

  • Shape your sense of control – recognise what’s beyond your control and let go of those things
  • Stay positive – expect good things and visualise the outcome you want
  • Keep a long-term perspective – avoid seeing stressful events as all-encompassing. As the saying goes, ‘this too shall pass’
  • Be proactive – deal with pressures before they escalate
  • Develop problem solving skills – learn how to come up with solutions to problems
  • Exercise your choice – remember that you are in control of how you manage your feelings

How we help you increase your resilience

We know that building your resilience will help you to do your best. So we help you define what resilience looks like for you. This includes identifying your strengths, differences and areas for improvement. We do this through a range of support, from our resilience and wellbeing coaching, to workshops and workplace programs.

Next steps

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