We have a range of experiential, interactive small group workshops designed to support you and your colleagues in improving your resilience, wellbeing and work satisfaction. Each participant will leave with strategies, tools and techniques, and a personal action plan.

Mental Health First Aid Certificate course

With unprecedented levels of mental health challenges, why are we not checking in? Lack of confidence – in knowing what to do if someone isn’t ok. Mental Health First Aid training gives a structure for what to say, what not to say and how to get help. Click through to join our next MHFA course to bridge the gap.

$495 per person

Goal Setting for Personal Success course

Not everyone knows how to turn a dream into a goal, and a goal into reality. But with the right tools and techniques, achieving your goals is easier.

$200 per person

Resilience & Stress Management course

Life’s always going to have its stressful moments. That’s why learning to handle stress in healthy ways is so important.

$200 per person

Resilience & Balance coaching

Resilience coaching will help you determine what healthy balance means for you with healthy strategies for stress and wellbeing.

$200 per person

Mindfulness and Resilience training

Develop mindfulness and resilience skills to better face everyday challenges.

$200 per person

Building Career resilience

Take control of your career with the tools and resilience skills to thrive at work.

$200 per person

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