We all crave work-life balance, but daily pressures often make it seem impossible.

With mindfulness techniques, you’ll learn how to be in the present moment. Studies show that using mindfulness interventions can reduce stress, improve wellbeing and resilience, and increase happiness.  Our training helps you focus on the now so you can better cope with stress and enjoy your daily life.

Who it’s for

Our course is for anyone wanting to develop mindfulness and resilience skills to better face the everyday challenges of managing busy lives, pressure at work and family time.

How it works

You’ll identify your stress triggers and learn to tune in to how they affect your mind and body. In this hands-on 1-day workshop, you’ll be able to try a range of techniques and tools.

What to expect

Learn how to reduce stress, feel more calm and enjoy greater clarity. You’ll develop a personal plan and practice to help you make better decisions. With a range of simple techniques and practices to choose from, you can customise your toolkit to support your life.

Throughout the course, you’ll will:

  • Experience how to use breathing as a way to cope with pressure in the moment
  • Try different mindfulness techniques to find the ones that suit you
  • Learn how to positively influence your mind and body connection through simple movement
  • Develop awareness and positive visualisation skills to improve your focus on what’s important
  • Learn how to using your strengths can improve your wellbeing

We also provide tailored wellbeing and resilience coaching. So you can receive support for making change and reaching your personal goals.

Next steps

Contact us to book a workplace program or join one of our public workshops.

Or email fleur@blueberryinstitute.com