You want to bring out the best in your employees. And the great news is that a strong workplace wellbeing culture can do just that. A growing body of research shows that employee resilience, wellness and wellbeing has a positive effect on workplace engagement and productivity.

The challenge is knowing where to start and what’s right for your workplace. That’s where we can help.

Who it’s for

Our consultancy is for any workplace looking to create a wellbeing strategy that supports and integrates with its organisational plans. We’ll help develop a customised wellbeing strategy and program, as well as provide support with training and implementation.

How it works

We tailor our consultancy for your situation and workplace to support your organisational objectives. By identifying your current workplace and cultural strengths, we provide you with options for only the resilience and wellbeing support you need.

What to expect

You’ll receive a full wellbeing solution from strategy to implementation. Or you can ask us to help you with just the stages you choose.

We use a strategic evidence-based approach with the following stages:

1. Vision and diagnostics
Gain clarity of vision, mission and strategic priorities
Identify current culture, including strengths, inhibitors, processes and gaps
Create a roadmap to your desired workplace culture and environment
Provide a Wellbeing Impact Assessment to support significant change

2. Strategy and solutions development
Consult across the organisation about how to enhance engagement and empowerment
Use evidence-based approaches for creating positive workplace practices
Co-create cultural transformation and a roadmap with those who will drive the initiatives
Provide a Mental Wellbeing Impact Assessment (MWIA) to support significant change

3. Implementation and execution
Provide support for communication, consultation and performance management
Facilitate implementation plans by key functional areas
Support the change management planning
Conduct workshops, training and mentoring

4. Measurement, monitoring and evaluation
Measure and evaluate performance at organisation, functional area and employee levels
Monitor success and support modelling of the right behaviour through visible rewards

Next steps

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