When a workplace goes through significant change, there often isn’t rigour in considering the wellbeing and productivity impacts on employees. We can assist by carrying out a Mental Wellbeing Impact Assessment (MWIA). The MWIA helps you maximise wellbeing when going through change, and minimise the risk.

What’s more, engaging your employees can improve the adoption, implementation and success of your project.

Who it’s for

The MWIA is for workplaces that want to engage with employees in order to understand and plan for the impact of change projects, programs or services on people.

How it works

Developed by Maudsley together with Kings College in the United Kingdom, the MWIA uses health impact assessment methods with a focus on the factors that are known to promote and protect mental wellbeing. These include:

  • A sense of control over work responsibilities, including having choices and skills
  • Individuals and teams that are capable and resilient
  • Opportunities to participate in change projects
  • Being included and connected to work colleagues

The assessment is usually conducted over a 1 – 3 month period.

What to expect

You’ll receive a report that covers multiple levels of stakeholders. We collaborate with you to assess the strengths, opportunities and risks associated with a proposed change. Then we provide recommendations about how to maximise opportunities, minimise risks and plan for contingencies.

We’ve already assisted a number of Australian organisations with MWIA projects, including the Department of Education – NSW, Family and Community Services – Northern Sydney region and iCare.

Next steps

Contact us to find out how a Mental Wellbeing Impact Assessment can assist you.
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