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Relaxation produces a quiet body and a calm mind. The physical and mental aspects of relaxation counteract the body’s stress response.  If you normally live with a high degree of tension, you are more likely to experience problems when additional stresses occur. You can lower your general level of tension by practicing regular relaxation techniques that help protect you from the ill-effects of stress.

Effective relaxation techniques practiced on a regular basis build your resilience. Practices such as meditation, breathing techniques, yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gong have an extensively documented evidence-base of benefits.

Ideas of simple enjoyable activities to consider including in your daily and weekly schedule: 

  • Listen to some relaxing music
  • Get a regular massage
  • Learn about aromatherapy
  • Bake a cake with your family
  • Say good morning to your neighbours on the way to work
  • Get into gardening
  • Watch a good movie
  • Walk your dog every day or volunteer to walk a neighbour’s dog weekly
  • Read a good book
  • Play a regular sport
  • Phone a friend for no other reason than to say hello and check in on their wellbeing
  • Do some stretches while at work
  • Subscribe to a guided meditation app
  • Read your favourite magazine
  • Play a board game with a friend
  • Take a regular walk in your neighbourhood through a park or by the water
  • Walk up a hill or climb a mountain and enjoy the view
  • Sing in the shower
  • Make sure you get enough sleep every night
  • Learn about the pressure points of the body and massage them
  • Get out of the office for lunch
  • Eat dinner at the table with friends and family with all entertainment devices switched off
  • Put a plant in your office
  • At the end of each day, write down 3 good things – keep a journal for 3 months
  • Buy a set of juggling balls and practice your juggling
  • Learn a muscle relaxation technique
  • Ring up a friend and initiate a fun activity
  • Stop and smell the roses!

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