How to Support your Mental Fitness

Many of us are feeling on the back foot when it comes to our mental health right now. So, I thought it would be helpful to share with you how you can regroup and move forward.

You may have heard the term mental fitness? I think of mental fitness as building the capacity of your body and mind to work together to increase our physical energy, emotional stability, and mental calm.

While most of us readily agree that physical exercise is a core foundation for physical health, we don’t necessarily consider the importance of mental exercise as a core foundation for mental health. And the good news is that including mental exercise into your day isn’t onerous or time consuming.

A few quick-start evidence-based tips for incorporating mental exercise into your routine:

  1. Physical exercise that incorporates a mix of cardio, strength and flexibility is also great for mental health. Two for the price of one! How good is that?
  2. Breathing skills that help you regulate your nervous system and stress response.
  3. Mindfulness activities where you enjoy a sense of flow and timelessness – playing music, gardening, swimming, drawing.
  4. A mindfulness meditation practice that gives you the ability to recognise what is going on in your head at any time, and not get carried away by your mental stories.
  5. A sleep routine that includes winding down time and 7-9-hours regular sleep.

Getting mentally fit and feeling more calm includes training both your body and your mind to be stronger, more resilient, and flexible.

What is one mental exercise that you can include in your day that will boost your mental fitness?

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