How we Help

Healthy, high performance

We build future-fit leaders and strong teams to thrive through challenge, uncertainty, and change. And support your organisation in creating healthy, sustainable ways of working.

Our core programs:


SAFE: Mental Health Mastery™ learning programs:

  1. Mental Health Mastery™ for Leaders: develops the capability and conversation toolkit for supporting the mental health and performance of struggling team members.
  2. Psychological Safety for Leaders: builds the work responsibilities and skills for creating psychologically safe teams, identifying burnout, and supporting wellbeing.
  3. Mental Health Foundations: is a capability building program for the whole organisation in how to recognise the signs of mental health problems, how to check in and offer appropriate help.

WELL: Future-Fit Resilience™ capability programs:

  1. Future-Fit Resilience™ for Leaders: develops flexible, adaptable teams and personalised resilience and communication strategies that support individuals in performing without burning out.
  2. Personal Resilience Foundations: is a capability building program for the whole organisation in how to healthily manage pressure, stress, change and uncertainty for sustainable performance.

STRONG: Healthy, high-performance programs:

  1. Positive Leadership program: builds leader capability with a toolkit of positive psychology and performance psychology strategies that supports creates healthy, happy, high-performing teams.
  2. Engaging Leaders program: builds strength-based, growth-oriented, inspiring leaders that people want to work for.
  3. Empowered People: is a capability program for the whole organisation enabling every individual to act with autonomy, accountability, and achieve.


Conference keynote presentations and team development days:

Keynote #1: People that are well, do well.

But we are doing a lot of doing, and not enough well. This equation is wrong and leads to burnout. Discover how smart selfcare builds resilience, and boosts both your wellbeing and performance.

Keynote #1: Beating Burnout is about Boundaries not Balance.

In our race for more, we are reducing ourselves to less. And, for many of us, our health and wellbeing is the ‘less’, and the ‘more’ is an endless cycle of busyness and stress. Discover how the secret to achieving healthy, high performance is about managing your boundaries and mastering your space.


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ITW Wellbeing Culture Case Study

Blueberry Institute created a 12-month evidence-based capability building program of mental health, resilience skills and wellbeing strategies for ITW Residential leaders and their teams. The results included improvements in key HR metrics, safety results and positive culture measures – while achieving business sales and profit growth. We won an icare recognition award for workplace wellbeing innovation.

Blueberry Institute works with many high-profile organisations.