Imagine your mind is an ocean – is it stormy or a sunset?

Imagine that your mind is an ocean.

Your thoughts and feelings are what moves over the ocean’s surface – they can be ripples, crashing waves or big storms. But no matter how big or turbulent the waves are, there is calmness as the bottom of the ocean.

Think of stormy feelings as surface level and temporary. We can choose to stay caught up in the rips and pull and churn of the waves – or we can choose to find the calmness on the ocean floor.

Resilience is more than just coping with life’s challenges and dealing with stress. It is at the root of mental wellbeing and is the main building block for happiness and inner peace (Rick Hanson).

But best of all, resilience is something that we can learn and develop. We can take control of our experience with our internal ocean. We can transform the storms brewing on our horizon, by dropping the winds, and creating a soothing ocean sunset.

Need ideas on where to start improving your resilience? Here is a quick start Resilience Guide.

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