The benefits of coaching in improving performance are multi-faceted. Coaching enables individuals to fast track the achievement of their professional (and personal) goals, manage complexity, foster problem solving and improve communication and leadership skills. Team coaching provides alignment, strengthens commitment and drives achievement. Organisations benefit from coaching through increased employee engagement, facilitation of change, maximising high potential employees and support for positive cultural behaviours.

Our integrated approach to coaching ensures that the development needs of the individual are also enhancing performance within their work teams and supporting achievement within the context of the broader organisation. Our frameworks and methodology are evidence-based with a robust leadership competency development framework central to our programmes delivering measurable organisational results.

Who it’s for

We provide tailored coaching programs to support the individual, improve a team and the positive development of organisational culture

How it works

Throughout the growth path of every executive, there are key areas of challenge where an ‘evolution’ is required to achieve the next level of success. Our targeted coaching services include:

  • Executive and leadership coaching
  • New manager and executive transition coaching
  • Emerging leaders coaching
  • Coaching for change leadership and management
  • Business owner coaching

Flexible coaching approaches are adapted to our client’s specific requirements and include:

Leadership Competency Development coaching

Our Leadership development programmes identify and develop relevant leadership competencies via knowledge, acquisition, workplace practice and deliberate behavioural change.  This is supported by the experience-tested, research-based, Lominger Leadership Architect® Suite of competency development tools.

Transition coaching

Adjusting to a new role or promotion brings challenge and a need for behavioural change. Our transition coaching programmes assist with this adjustment by working with the individuals to:

  • Develop their understanding of expectations and the required behaviours
  • Understand how best to identify and develop new organisational relationships
  • Fast track their understanding of the operating environment and performance deliverables
  • Assist in their development of action plans to support the delivery of quick-wins

Development / Cognitive-behavioural coaching

Through developmental coaching the potential of high achievers is realised and supported through the development of self-awareness, emotional regulation, and cognitive understanding as a leadership foundation for decision making and actions. Included are strategies to:

  • Identify and replace limiting beliefs
  • Build confidence
  • Promote self-directed learning
  • Increase self-observation and awareness
  • Measure success

Performance coaching

Challenges in performance often require intervention to allow individuals to succeed. Our coach uses specific motivational techniques to support the individual’s approach and commitment to change. Through tailored performance coaching we work with individuals to improve their:

  • Ability to achieve work-related goals
  • Improve their people management skills
  • Accomplish organisational outcomes

Positive Psychology / Strengths Based coaching

Through focused strength-based coaching, our coaches work to develop and build on an individual’s strengths while acknowledging and managing key development areas.  Individuals are supported to develop strategies to:

  • Leverage strengths
  • Build confidence
  • Identify career paths
  • Extend and step outside existing comfort zone
  • Develop resilience

Solution-focused coaching

Sometimes individuals need assistance to enable them to develop the appropriate approaches and solutions to organisational challenges. Our coaching techniques allow individuals to focus on the identification of the problem and set meaningful goals and aspirations. We work directly with the individual to facilitate their ability to leverage their strengths and achieve the desired outcome.

Coaching v’s Mentoring

There is a difference between coaching and mentoring. Coaches use a process of skilful inquiry to assist the client in identifying learning opportunities and developing problem-solving capability for themselves. Mentors have experience in a field, position or industry and provide more directive support.

All coaching programs include a mix of:

  • Increasing emotional intelligence
  • Goal setting and success measures
  • Competency development supporting career aspirations
  • Performance enhancement in the current role
  • Communication and feedback skills
  • Workplace practice and stretch projects
  • Support with focus and accountability for results

Next steps

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