Your success starts with your people. So make sure they’re supported and equipped to do their best. Our Emerging Leaders program is designed to fast track your high performers into management and leadership roles. Creating the leaders you need helps you drive strategy implementation, bring energy to change projects and model positive cultural behaviours.

Who it’s for

Our program is for workplaces looking to fast track high performers into people management and leadership roles that take the organisation forward.

How it works

We tailor our program to meet the requirements of your organisation. Our flexible options include a mix of coaching, management skills, leadership training, resilience development, peer networking and project work.

What to expect

You’ll receive a needs assessment and program recommendation that includes a mix of group skills training and individual development support. Participant support includes:

  • 360 feedback
  • Goals identification
  • Development plan
  • Coaching support
  • Group training sessions

The program contains an action learning project where participants apply their learning to a business improvement initiative.

What clients say about the program

Mark Bilton, Managing Director of Hagemeyer Brands Australia, says:

“A major challenge in true reform and business transformation is unlocking the innate potential of rising stars. Fleur was given the task of building a customised Emerging Leaders program, tailored individually to identified potential candidates.

In short, it was a great success. These people are all now placed in senior positions, are well equipped and highly motivated.”

Next steps

Contact us to discuss how we can help turn your employees into standout managers and leaders. Or email