Performance of teams typically exceeds that of individuals when the tasks being undertaken require multiple skills, judgements and experience. High performing teams have the capability and capacity to assemble quickly, deploy the appropriate focus and perform at a level which is greater than the sum of a group of individuals. This synergistic approach makes for a successful outcome for the organisation and the team.

Who it’s for

Anyone who wants to help their team/s be more productive and successful!

How it works

Our team development services include:

  • Team on-boarding for fast-tracking the formation of new teams or resolution of core teams in conflict
  • Leadership team strategy, performance and development
  • High performing teams coaching, facilitation and skills training
  • Project team training in project leadership, project definition, role clarity, management and effectiveness

We take an integrated and structured approach to your team development. We work directly with teams to develop and support:

  • Alignment: internally and with other key stakeholders in the pursuit of clear goals and values
  • Leadership: the team is appropriately and effectively led
  • Effectiveness: in decision-making, problem-solving and recognising opportunities
  • Focus: customer focussed and regularly reviews of the meaning of success
  • Achievement: high output, high quality, focussed and stretched
  • Responsiveness: team members are quick to learn, adaptive and change responsive
  • Empowerment: team members manage their dual responsibility for the team and their functional areas
  • Harmony: the team is open, co-operative, supportive, understanding and trusting
  • Ability: the team is balanced in the skills utilised and shared; missing skill sets are identified
  • Communication: the team communicates well with each other and externally; the team listens to learn and understand others’ needs and challenges.

What to expect

Leadership team development Programs

A productive leadership team ensures not only the success of the team but the organisation. It fosters positive behaviour that extends beyond just the leadership team and starts to embed in the organisation positive cultural traits. Our programmes work to ensure leadership teams engage in:

  • Discussion and agreement on the leadership team’s role and appropriate style for the business
  • Determining the purpose and role of the team and how best to effectively lead and support the business
  • The Leadership team learning and alignment of understanding on the stages of team development and the characteristics of a high performing team
  • Diagnosis of the current leadership team performance versus a high performing team model
  • Gaining an awareness of their own and each other’s styles of working and an understanding of the impact on the team performance dynamics
  • Development of guidelines and parameters for working together including preferences for communication, decision-making, conflict resolution and mode of operation
  • Discussion and setting of team aspirations and goals for development
  • Understanding the strengths and gaps of the group and identifying development areas to enhance effectiveness.

Team on-boarding and project team training

Project Team effectiveness is directly related to their ability to dissect the project requirements and understand the tasks at hand. We employ appropriate training for Project Teams to allow them to succeed in:

  • Defining the purpose of the team
  • Creating the correct team environment for understanding each other and agreeing on the project deliverables
  • Developing a team charter, ground rules, team member responsibilities and stakeholder accountability
  • Conducting Effective team meetings
  • Identifying Team skill training needs
  • Understanding KPI setting, milestones and timelines
  • Effective team communication with each other and key stakeholders
  • Reporting requirements
  • Defining, measuring and tracking success and ensuring deliverables are met on time

Our programmes also provide for appropriate Team Leader training

Next steps

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