A productive Leadership team ensures not only the success of the team but the organisation. It fosters positive behaviour that extends beyond just the leadership team and starts to embed in the organisation positive cultural traits.

Who it’s for

Anyone wanting to support their leaders and drive positive culture from the top.

How it works

Our programmes work to ensure Leadership teams engage in:

  • Discussion and agreement on the leadership team’s role and appropriate style for the business
  • Determining the purpose and role of the team and how best to effectively lead and support the business
  • The Leadership team learning and alignment of understanding on the stages of team development and the characteristics of a high performing team
  • Diagnosis of the current leadership team performance versus a high performing team model
  • Gaining an awareness of their own and each other’s styles of working and an understanding of the impact on the team performance dynamics
  • Development of guidelines and parameters for working together including preferences for communication, decision-making, conflict resolution and mode of operation
  • Discussion and setting of team aspirations and goals for development
  • Understanding the strengths and gaps of the group and identifying development areas to enhance effectiveness.

Next steps

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