Investing in organisational mentoring is an impactful and cost-effective way of developing your emerging talent, transferring knowledge and keeping your high performers engaged. Mentoring is a developmental partnership where one person shares knowledge, skills, information and perspective developed over years of experience, to foster the personal and professional growth of another individual.

There is a difference between mentoring and coaching. Coaches use a process of skilful inquiry to assist the client in identifying learning opportunities and developing problem-solving capabilities. Mentors have experience in a field, position or industry and provide more directive, individualised support.

Executive Evolution has the most comprehensive mentoring offer in the market: from tailored individual executive support to developing in-house mentoring programs that foster organisational action learning and succession planning. Executive Evolution’s mentoring programs will develop your pipeline of future leaders so they understand the critical business knowledge, skills and behaviours required to succeed within the organisation.

Our structured mentoring is a powerful way for your organisation to improve your performance. Specific benefits include:

  • Developing a culture of personal learning and ownership for professional growth
  • Enhanced leadership, feedback and coaching skills in Managers
  • Improved morale, motivation and performance
  • Development and sponsorship of emerging leaders
  • Retention of experienced high performers

Executive Evolution’s Mentors use a combination of guidance, advice, brainstorming, workshopping solutions and sounding board space to collaborate on ideas, approaches, processes and systems to support the client’s needs. We work with proven Mentoring frameworks in creating a supportive relationship where the individual’s emerging competence can be identified, practiced, reinforced and further extended by the mentor.

Our Mentoring Services include:

  • Executive and Leadership Mentoring with our experienced and trained mentors
  • Mentor and Mentoree training programs for developing your mentoring pool and in-house capability
  • Structured in-house mentoring programs including:
    • Process development and documentation
    • Application, selection and matching support
    • Training, trainer instruction manuals and intranet materials
    • Stakeholder involvement, project management and reporting