Making change at a personal level is only effective over the long term when you have peer and workplace support. Our resilience program for teams helps employees keep up high levels of performance in challenging circumstances. We do this by fostering work team professional development and accountability for developing positive work practices and peer support.

Who it’s for

Our team resilience program is suited to any workplace or team that wants to develop positive practices and a sustainable culture of resilience, cohesion and performance.

How it works

We provide an integrated, systematic resilience training program that supports the manager, their work team and their workplace. The program includes a mix of half day team workshops, team leader coaching and self-directed resilience and wellbeing modules to support your team members.

It’s tailored to your needs and delivered over 6 -12 months.

What to expect

You’ll receive a needs assessment, training, workshop materials, coaching support and a customised resilience program to implement with your team. Your program will help you and your team to build resilience and peer support through a range of interactive learning modules. These could include:

  • Individual and team resilience
  • Understanding change and the personal impact of change
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Understanding stress
  • Building communication and connections
  • Positive team practices

And we provide support to integrate your resilience program into your organisation’s performance management system, to ensure consistency and sustainability.

We also offer onsite or offsite team building days, from a half-day format through to 2 days. By taking part in a range of practical activities, your employees will gain greater self-awareness, learn how to work better as a team and develop skills to support individual and team resilience.

Next steps

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