It’s what your people do well that adds value to your organisation. When employees feel confident and competent, they’re more engaged and productive. And this helps them be more successful in meeting expectations. Yet most performance management approaches emphasise gaps and weaknesses.

We’ll help you develop a performance management culture that focuses on what your employees do well and making the most of their strengths.

Who it’s for

Our training and coaching is for managers and teams who want to take a strengths-based approach to improve their performance management and professional development.

How it works

You can design a format that works for you over a period of 3, 6 or 12 months. Our flexible options include a mix of strengths assessment options, face-to-face or phone coaching, and half-day planning and training workshops.

What to expect

You’ll receive a strengths-based performance management tool kit, development plan and resources to support making positive changes.

Our customised programs include:

  • Identifying values, strengths, energy sources and drainers
  • Applying strengths to evaluating work and career options
  • Strengths-based feedback and performance management
  • Developing outcome-based personal and professional goals
  • Strengths-based positive coaching skills.

We’re accredited in the Realise2 strengths assessment tool, which is great for individual coaching plans or team development insights.

Next steps

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