Building career resilience coaching

Work is no longer about climbing the ladder. Today’s career paths move diagonally as well as upwards. Workplace change, organisational restructuring and flatter reporting lines mean it’s necessary to continually improve your skills.

With career resilience skills and coaching, you can turn this into an opportunity. Career resilience allows you to adapt to change. It empowers you to take control of your career while remaining committed to the success of your workplace.

Online resilience skills course and personal plannerA self-paced course where you will learn strategies and skills, and create a personal plan$200
Kickstart 60-day coaching, online course and personal plan packageIncludes 2 x 30-minute coaching sessions with Fleur Heazlewood$1000
Sustain 90-day coaching, online course and personal plan packageIncludes 3 x 30-minute coaching sessions and 2 x webinars with Fleur Heazlewood$1500

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