Mental health issues are growing, with 50% of all people experiencing at least one episode of mental illness in their lifetime. And in any one year 20% of people will experience a mental illness. Of people suffering with mental illness, less than 50% are receiving appropriate professional support.

People are experiencing mental health pressure from the bushfire summer and global pandemic with early findings from a Monash University COVID-19 Work and Health Study showing that financial stress, job insecurity and job loss contributed to 31% of participants experiencing severe psychological stress.

Mental health is a growing safety risk in the workplace, with the workplace increasingly being cited as a primary source of stress. With the National Productivity Commission of Australia calling out the need for organisations to upskill their workplace mental health and mental wellbeing support.

Can you afford not to upskill your organisation in Mental Health literacy?

Mental Health mastery for Managers program

Increasing mental health literacy is a core evidence-based strategy for reducing mental health risk and developing mental wellbeing in the workplace.

This program is for your business leaders and people managers who have frontline responsibility for 80% of staff.

Mental health literacy will enable managers to:

  1. Use the appropriate words and language to share, normalise and support mental health challenges and concerns at work.
  2. Recognise the signs of mental health challenges
  3. Hold caring and safe conversations that encourage help-seeking with the appropriate professionals.
  4. Support both mental health challenges and staff performance.

Where is your organisation’s mental health literacy and skills at?

Levels 1&2: Pose a staff health, safety and business risk
Levels 2&3:
Can be time, energy and resource intensive with out a toolkit and skills
Levels 4&5:
Are building staff wellbeing, team psychological safely and creating a cultural asset

How the program works

  1. We begin with a self-assessment diagnostic, and then work with groups of 10 – 12 leaders and managers to develop through the 6 key skill building stages to build their Mental Health Literacy.
  2. The program includes 6 modules, delivered over 12-weeks or 24-week with each module delivered in a 2-hour interactive training workshop and 1 ½ hour group coaching session.
  3. Prior to each workshop, participants will be required to complete pre-work including reading, reflection and self-assessments.
  4. After each workshop, participants will work in pairs and complete an action-learning exercise to enable them to apply their learning and realise the return from the learning experience.

1. Awareness & Appreciation: Identify, humanise and normalise mental ill- health.
2. Educate: Appropriate, safe and organisationally aligned mental health, psychological safety and wellbeing language to use.
3. Tool Kit conversations: Learn the 3 stages to a mental health conversation framework: 1. Recognise the signs, 2. Check in with someone who isn’t travelling so well, 3. Refer them to professional help.
4. Practice: Case studies, role play, practice and preparation for turning knowledge in to action. And how to support both mental health challenges and work performance.
5. Engage: Align understanding and expectations of organisational context, and the benefits of bringing to life vision, values and workplace wellbeing.
6. Proactive Action: Prepare your organisation for success by clearly defining roles, outlining responsibilities, setting personal boundaries, and providing safety checks and balances.

Next Steps

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The program works!  – Testimonials from Leaders and Managers

“As leaders we are as much responsible for the health and wellbeing of our teams as we are for their productivity and performance.  In fact, it is well known that physical and mental wellbeing have a direct link to on the job performance. The sessions run by Fleur at Blueberry have been an invaluable part of our business’ mental health and wellbeing programme for a number of years with great feedback from our teams, our managers and the leaders of the business.  In this time of crisis Fleur has been able to quickly adapt to offer specific programs to both leaders/ managers as well as the broader team of how to adjust and manage these uncertain times.  These sessions do not put the onus on any one group to be responsible for an individual’s wellbeing, in fact, its’s quite the opposite.  They are equipping everyone with tools to support one another and exercise personal self-care in these tough times.  They are also building a great online community across the business which encourages each and every one of us to speak up if we need additional help and support.  This has not created additional work for our leaders or managers – a simple check in with team members showing we truly care can make a difference between a bad day and a good one. That’s all we need to remember. “ Ella Bennett, Business Manager Paslode, ITW Residential Divisional Leadership team

“ Don’t underestimate the value of this training, support and frameworks. I found I started using this without even really knowing I was using it.  Supporting people and yourself, is something we all do.  These sessions allow you to share your experiences with other like-minded managers and create networks of supports amongst your peers. You’ll come out of these sessions with support strategies and a network of support for yourself and your staff supported by a framework you can turn to for guidance”   Jon Hill, Software Support & Training Manager, Residential Division, ITW Construction

“As someone in a Management position, these sessions have helped me learn to be a better leader and person, ensuring I maintain a work/life balance, ways to approach my team and friends to tackle difficult conversations, and also strategies for building resilience, better ways to communicate, and confidence. The bonus of hands on workshops or online sessions are the connections and support networks you make. Given the current climate around the globe, Fleur’s insights and coaching have been invaluable in dealing with this unprecedented situation both at work and at home.” – Stephanie Whiteside, Segment Market Manager, Framing & Trim ANZ