We take a flexible and collaborative approach to resilience, mental health and leadership development working on the needs, priorities, and requests of your team.

All programs are delivered live – either in-person or online on zoom – to enable full participation, staff interaction and engagement. Our most popular resilience programs:

Building personal resilience skills

Supporting all staff to thrive with change, uncertainty and complexity.

A 6-week program of weekly workshops where staff participate in topic discussion, reflective exercises and group activities to identify their resilience strengths, choose their development needs, create a personal resilience action plan, and share progress and accountability with their peers.

Developing positive leadership skills

For leaders and managers to increase team psychological safety, trust, and cohesion.

An 8-week program where we provide a mix of training workshops and group accountability coaching sessions to scaffold and support our people managers to effectively lead the front line. Key resilience skills training modules include self-management strategies, social management skills development, and creating healthy support systems.

Creating mental health literacy skills

With  leaders and managers to reduce mental health risk and increase mental wellbeing at work.

A 4-week training and coaching program enabling managers to: use appropriate words language to support mental health at work, recognise the signs for mental health challenges, learn  to appropriately check in, and balance support for mental health issues and staff performance.

“I am very fortunate to work for an organisation that values wellbeing. Fleur provides us with insightful, creative and professional support in wellbeing. Fleur  lights up the room with positivity and heart – and has a unique talent in reading her audience accurately, and then delivering content in a fun, relevant and interactive style. I work remotely and have to put my best game face on for our customers. Fleur’s resilience training sessions keep me connected with my colleagues and keep my wellbeing in check.”  – Iris Havard, Sales Representative, Buildex

Next Steps

To discuss a program for your workplace please contact Fleur Heazlewood on 0404 559 244 or fleur@blueberryinstitute.com