Tips and Templates to Springboard your Wellbeing

Wellbeing Language Guide

The Wellbeing Language and Definitions guide was developed for the NSW Mental Health Commission by Fleur Heazlewood and Professor Lindsay Oades. The guide is designed to translate the academic and technical definitions into accessible language and references and everyday descriptions.

Personal Energy Quiz

Longer days at work are unhelpful because time is a limited resource. But personal energy is renewable. By fostering deceptively simple rituals that help replenish your energy, you can build physical, emotional, and mental resilience.

To help you understand if you are energy positive or in an energy deficit, take this short Energy Audit quiz with simple strategy recommendations to improve your wellbeing.

Resilience Recipes Wellbeing Planner

Create your personal wellbeing plan from the exercises in the Resilience Recipes book.

Mental Health Mastery Self-Assessment

To improve your mental health literacy, it helps to start with a self-assessment of your strengths and gaps.

This simple survey has 13 self rating questions that will take 5-10 minutes to complete.