Positive people out-perform

Organisations that are well, do well

Research clearly shows that positive and well cultures outperform on all the metrics that count – revenue, profit, staff retention, and attracting top talent. Thriving workplaces find it easier to attract and keep top talent.

Under Pressure

With constant change, growing workloads, and tight resources, it can be hard for people to perform at their best. Poor management, inappropriate workload, lack of communication and a poor working environment are sources of stress at work for many employees who are feeling overwhelmed, over tired, and over it.

Positive People Out-Perform

Our Strong programs build engaging leaders and empowered team members who consistently perform at their best.

1. The Positive Performance Playbook is the values-based toolkit that creates and sustains a culture of healthy and high, performance.

2. Our Engaging leadership programs builds strength-based, growth-oriented, inspiring leaders that people want to work for.

3. Empowered people training enables every individual to act with autonomy, accountability, and achieve.

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“A major challenge in true reform and business transformation is unlocking the innate potential of rising stars. The Blueberry Institute built us a customised Emerging Leaders Program tailored individually to identified talent. In short, it was a great success with all people placed in senior positions, well equipped and highly motivated in leading growth. BBI was the catalyst, architect and implementer of positive change.”

Mark Bilton, Former CEO Hagemeyer Brands, Gloria Jeans ANZ

“Fleur is impressive in her ability to both develop a business strategically and deliver strong operational and profit performance. As CEO of Rapee Textiles she capably managed both the normal pressures of the business and situational emergencies as they arose. It was with admiration that I saw her handle quickly and effectively a company restructure, renegotiations of customer trading agreements, individual people issues, and still post the best profit return for the Charles Parsons Group during the Global Financial Crisis. Fleur has a strength of character, positive outlook, and great business acumen that makes her an asset to any organisation.”

Andrew Mills, Group Managing Director, Charles Parsons Group

“The mentoring program was fantastic for both personal and professional development. Working with a mentor enabled self-reflection, new ideas, new skills and expanded knowledge. The network of program participants expanded my awareness of different people and business areas across DVA. Fleur guided us through the program with stability and flair, encouraging us to stretch, grow and contribute in new ways.”

Kylie Cave, Department of Veterans Affairs

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