Leadership team

As leaders we are as much responsible for the health and wellbeing of our teams as we are fortheir productivity and performance.  In fact it is well known that physical and mental wellbeing have a direct link to on the job performance.   The sessions run by Fleur at Blueberry have been an invaluable part of our business’ wellbeing programme for a number of years with great feedback from our teams, our managers and the leaders of the business.   
In this time of crisis Fleur has been able to quickly adapt to offer specific programs to both leaders/ managers as well as the broader team of how to adjust and manage these uncertain times.  These sessions do not put the onus on any one group to be responsible for an individual’s wellbeing, in fact, its’s quite the opposite.  They are equipping everyone with tools to support one another and exercise personal self-care in these tough times.  They have also begun to build up a great online community across the business which encourages each and every one of us to speak up if we need additional help and support.   
It certainly has not created additional work for our leaders or managers – a simple check in with team members showing we truly care can make a difference between a bad day and a good one.  That’s all we need to remember.   
Ella Bennett, Business Manager Paslode, Residential Divisional Leadership team

I would highly recommend Fleur’s Wellbeing and resilience program.  As a Divisional leader I have seen firsthand the positive impact the program has had both personally as well as across the whole Division.  Fleur delivers the program in an authentic and practical way, providing the skills and confidence for our people leaders to support the care and wellbeing of their team members.
In the current Covid crisis the program has been invaluable for our team members dealing with anxiety and social isolation. I have been pleasantly surprised at how well the program has translated to live online, still enabling team interaction, well done to Fleur in making this work so well.
James MacBeth, Divisional Marketing Director

Management Group

“Thought I would give some feedback on how the last 5-6 years of our Wellbeing program is paying off in our current environment. All our teams are looking for leadership right now. Our ability to lead our teams safely though this period is critical to their wellbeing as well as business sustainability when we come out of this.
We as a leadership team are in great shape to execute this far better than we would have been if we hadn’t been working with Fleur and the Wellbeing program.  
I’ve had conversations with colleagues that were skeptical about participating in the Wellbeing program in the beginning, however, now acknowledge that we are managing this challenge well as a result of the last 6 years of training. A comment was “it’s prepared us for this crisis”. People are also bringing learnings home to support their families. 
Our One Team culture has definitely shifted into high gear. The participation in the Management group wellbeing sessions is off the charts and I know that these sessions are having a positive effect on the team. 
Personally, I have found that all the key learnings have kicked in naturally and I am seeing this challenge as an opportunity. We are having more meaningful alignment meetings between Ops and Sales that are focusing on delivering right product, right place in testing conditions and also supporting growth in NZ. There is a real focus on better comms and it’s bringing teams closer together. 
The Resi team are very resilient and I am confident we will come through this as a better team”  
Andrew Skerritt, Manufacturing Manager Buildex, Residential Division, ITW Construction

“ Don’t underestimate the value of this training, support and frameworks. I found I started using this without even really knowing I was using it.  Supporting people and yourself, is something we all do. These sessions allow you to share your experiences with other like-minded managers and create networks of supports amongst your peers. You’ll come out of these sessions with support strategies and a network of support for yourself and your staff supported by a framework you can turn to for guidance”   
Jon Hill, Software Support & Training Manager, Residential Division, ITW Construction

The wellbeing program that I have been a part of at Resi now for over 5 years has shown the investment the business has made its people’s health, mental wellbeing and most of all, showing we are all human and face challenges in our work and personal lives.
As someone in a Management position, these sessions have helped me learn to be a better leader and person, ensuring I maintain a work/life balance, ways to approach my team and friends to tackle difficult conversations, and also strategies for building resilience, better ways to communicate, and confidence. The bonus of hands on workshops or online sessions are the connections and support networks you make. Given the current climate around the globe, Fleur’s insights and coaching have been invaluable in dealing with this unprecedented situation both at work and at home, and the entire Resi team look forward to our weekly check ins.
Stephanie Whiteside, Segment Market Manager, Framing & Trim ANZ

“ Our people are responsible for executing our strategy – they make it all happen.  We have a legal responsibility to keep our people physically safe and more broadly, a moral responsibility to protect their wellbeing.  Our wellbeing program provides the tools that allow our people to be more resilient and effective in coping with the challenges of work and life in general, while striving to meet the needs of our customers – whether that be in our factories, warehouses, offices or directly with our customers.  In the environment of Covid-19, we are finding that our people are responding positively to the present-day circumstances.” 
Geoff Davis, Strategic Sourcing Manager, Residential Division, ITW Construction


I am very fortunate to work for an organisation that values the well-being of their team, and for introducing us to Fleur Heazlewood and the Blueberry Institute. 
We have partnered with Fleur for 5 years now, during which time Fleur has provided us with insightful, creative, professional and effective support in wellbeing. Fleur is a part of our family, guiding us through good times and challenging ones – never missing a beat! 
Fleur is an individual that lights up the room with positivity and heart – and has a very unique talent in reading her audience accurately, being able to tailor and deliver content and material in a fun, relevant and interactive style. 
Being out on the road as a sales representative, I am constantly faced with the challenges of working remotely and having to put my best game face on for our customers and have found Fleur’s sessions extremely valuable in keeping me connected with my colleagues and keeping my well-being in check. 
I strongly recommend Fleur & the Blueberry Institute to help any business with a will and passion to improve their culture and people. 
Iris Havard, Sales Representative, Buildex

As we are faced with these unprecedented times, Fleur Heazlewood has worked collaboratively with the ITW Residential Group, while we battle the uncertainties and feelings of isolation.  
Fleur’s boundless knowledge and compassionate nature has been nothing but a benefit to our business.  The connectedness and skills learnt from not only Fleur’s well-being sessions, but also the investment she has shown in our people, has been invaluable in learning new skills to help and support others in the organisation. These sessions have allowed us to be creative and work cross functionally.  
For me personally, as I do live alone, I have found the use of modern video conferencing and Fleurs sessions outstanding. These sessions are inclusive and remind us we are “One Team!” 
I would like to personally thank Fleur, for the dedication she has shown to not only our business, but to us all individually. I highly recommend Fleur to any business, considering using her sound knowledge for any well-being sessions. 
Andrew Davis, National Account Manager Paslode

Through my employer, I have been involved in training with Fleur, from the Blueberry Institute for the past 4 years. Courses have involved Resilience, Health & Wellbeing and also Mental Health. 
At first I was a little wary of the training as I thought “what benefit” for me? However, approaching the sessions with an open mind has changed my ideas totally. 
Health and Wellbeing in the workplace is a key to great performance. The Resilience, and Health and Wellbeing courses are for all staff, management included. When everyone is heading in thesame direction it makes for a happy workplace. I now receive calls from workmates just to have a cha, or discuss issues. They feel that they can approach me (as a peer) rather than talking to our HR department.   
The time spent in the training room has given us a very resilient group to handle the current situation in New Zealand. I would have no hesitation in recommending these training sessions to any group or individual.
Warren Herlihy, Area Sales Manager – South, Paslode ANZ