The 7 key areas in your life for Restorative Rest

How is your energy tracking?

Many of us are hanging-out for the summer break, and the opportunity to hit the stop button. To rest and recharge. We tend to equate rest with sleep and wonder why a sleep in or a day on the couch binge-watching TV doesn’t replenish our energy.

So, I thought I would share with you the concept of restorative rest to help you make the most of your holiday time.

From restorative rest incorporates 7 key areas in your life:

  1. Physical rest which includes both passive and active forms. Passive physical rest includes sleeping and napping while active physical rest includes restorative activities like yoga or a massage.
  2. Mental rest where you schedule short breaks to give your brain a break during your working day.
  3. Sensory rest where you unplug a few times a day for a couple of minutes from bright lights, device screens and background noise.
  4. Creative rest to awaken the awe, wonder and appreciation inside of you. Think getting out into nature, painting, singing or playing a musical instrument.
  5. Emotional rest from people pleasing and helping others to create some space for your needs and feelings.
  6. Social rest in discerning which relationships drain your energy and which relationships revive and fill your cup.
  7. Spiritual rest which is connecting and belonging, love, acceptance, and purpose. This comes from regular meditation, prayer or community involvement.

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